San Mariano

Let the people’s voice be heard, towards empowerment and development”.

This was the proactive theme of the People’s Congress which conducted recently in San Mariano, Isabela, joined by Self Employment Assistance-Kaunlaran associations.

The objective of said people’s congress was to provide opportunity for people especially the poor farmers of San Mariano, Isabela who are members of the SEA-K Associations to present their issues and concerns to the legislative representatives and Local Chief Executive for their consideration in their legislative and executive agenda.

The activity was quite different from the usual gathering of people where the people are the passive listeners.  This time, it was the people who talk about their own agenda. Their voices were put forward while the guests/panelists listened and responded to their issues and concerns. These concern

s were presented by the people’s representatives to the Local Chief Executive and congressional representatives.

The Federation of SEA-K Association in San Mariano, Isabela spearheaded the organization and the conduct of the people’s congress, thru a Steering Committee (SC) composed of the SEA-K Federation Officers, SLP Project Development Officer and the MSWDO. The Technical Working Group (TWG) was composed of the Municipal Links of Pantawid  and other MSWDO staff.

Moreover, Municipal Mayor Dean Anthony Domalanta of San Mariano in his speech proposed to the SEA-K Federation that it should forward a petition or its equivalent to the Sangguniang Bayan so that the Committee on Agriculture will conduct appropriate hearings regarding the issues on corn trading

Here were some of the General Resolutions raised by the SEA-K members during the People’s Congress; 1) Creation of a Multi-sectoral Council for the Welfare and Development of Corn Farmers, 2) Regular dialogue between Traders and Farmers   to be Conducted/Facilitated by the LGU, 3) Development of a Financial and Technical Program Assistance for Planting and Marketing of Typhoon and Drought -resilient Crops, 4) Forging of Laws to protect and uphold the economic rights of farmers specially the marginalized corn farmers.. He also said that he will use the proposed resolutions of the congress as his development blue print in his administration.

Majority of the SKA (Sea-K Association) members are farmers. Thus, the issues presented revolved around the Farmer – Trader Relationship which is a real concern because it involves the vulnerable poor, the masses.   ### By Ramon B. Piano, Project development Officer II


Source: DSWD FO II