Life is an endless battle towards a lifelong journey of possibilities in doing great things and dreaming great dreams. We plan great plans and truly dream great dreams if only to realize the future ahead of us.

We have recently concluded how powerful and mighty the Project Development Officers are. You have unleashed all the potentials within you. As such we call it “metamorphoses”.

We discover many things within our realizations. We have gained  more friends, more colleagues, more than anything else than what we expect to happened.

This is a moment that most of us laughs out loud, jump as much as we can and roll over to show up our expressions and feelings of how happy we are and putting hash tag in our hearts and minds #KayaKoAngPagbabago.

Words are not enough to express our feeling of how happy we are (RPMT) on the turn out of this 4th Quarter PDO Conference. You have given us a chance to give you something new and something we can remember. (Our apologies to) All flaws and unexpected affairs that is beyond our control is now a history.

As we have taken out from the cocoon, let us all fly high and spread our wings to see the world. Use our talents and wit in looking opportunities and sip the sweetest nectar. Nonetheless, we say #KayaKoAngPagbabago.